Our Story

Food Rescue began in the Fall of 2011 as a community fruit tree harvest program, collecting produce that would otherwise go to waste from properties within and around Vallejo, CA.  By our first anniversary we’d collected and distributed over 42,000 lbs. of produce, all with volunteer labor and very few materials.

Food Rescue also collects produce from the Vallejo Farmers’ Market, adding fresh vegetables and more fruits to our offerings.  Every Saturday we meet at the Market at 1:45 to gather the excess shared by our generous vendors.   We look forward to expanding our reach into other markets and grocery stores in the near future!

Lastly, we also offer regular canning & food preservation workshops during the summer and fall seasons.

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Together we can ensure that every ounce of viable food is used to feed those who want and need it.  Join us and help feed our neighbors, our community and ourselves.